Thaw My Heart

Stiff, same-faced, and notorious for boring routines, Fern Riel is left alone on the ice when her longtime partner quits skating altogether. If she could afford to take a year off from competing to find someone who could put up with her, Fern would. Unfortunately, the Olympic qualifiers wait for no woman.

Enter Roch, the hot-headed French Canadian with a chip on his shoulder and a tendency to crack under pressure. His partner is pregnant and can’t compete.

What other choice does Fern have? If she and Roch can’t learn to get along, their shared dream of an Olympics will be shattered.

01 – Dumped

Every rink in the world had the same smell: old sweat in the locker rooms, coffee from the canteen cradled by tired parents and coaches alike, the sharp cold of the ice itself that made your nostrils open just a little wider. To Fern Riel, the rink smelled like home.

02 – Back Home

Fern had run out of tears and tissues by the end of the first day. She’d checked her social media apps between anxiety spirals to see if Chris has unblocked her yet, but while her notifications were flooded, none were from him.