Making the Cut

‘Making the Cut’ is an interactive novel that lets you investigate alongside the main character.


Rosalyn is a Probationary Agent at the CRIME Agency who, after a bungled case, must prove to herself and her superiors that she’s worth keeping in the field. This is her Last Chance, and if Ros fails, she’ll be doomed to filing paper work for the rest of her career.

What’s it about?

Making the Cut is about how fashion can be uplifting and toxic, functional and art, universal and elitist all at once. It’s about how people can be one thing and a conflicting one at the same time. It’s about smooching people and touching their butts and finding out who has murdered a promising designer.

The first chapter of Making the Cut will be shared here soon, and the rest will be serialized at until the story is completed at which point I may archive it or re-serialize it here.

Official art aboved done by Picchar who is amazing and talented and super supportive ❤