Making the Cut [Twine]

Making the Cut was originally a Twine novel that was serialized through patreon. However I’m retooling it to be a graphic novel, because why would I not have pictures for a FASHION story?  

Rosalyn is a Probationary Agent at the CRIME Agency who, after a bungled case, must prove to herself and her superiors that she’s worth keeping in the field. This is her Last Chance, and if Ros fails, she’ll be doomed to filing paper work for the rest of her career.

Official art by Picchar who is amazing and talented and super supportive ❤


Making the Cut chapter 1

Chapter 1

Roz hadn’t planned to end her first day as Special Agent Rosalyn Hart by sitting in the Agency Director’s office. She especially hadn’t planned to be waiting with her heart in her throat for him to finish reading her after action report. Scrawled in blue ink on the goldenrod-yellow form, her handwriting was barely legible…

Making the Cut Chapter Two

Chapter 2

The mug in Roz’s hands was warm, even though the dregs of her coffee had gone cold. Her phone was charging by the office’s microwave and coffee machine.