Hungry Skies

WATTY’S 2019 Winner: Fantasy!

A western fantasy story serialized on Wattpad.

Mildred Berry is no fan of bankers. Especially arrogant, smarmy, human ones who show up in her tiny town with Private Detectives in tow like Gilbert Goldman. Worse, Goldman is here to find out what happened at a train crash, a train that Millie looted.

The last thing Millie wants is some rich big city boys digging into her life and stumbling over the secrets she worked so hard to bury. Especially when she learns the man who sent Goldman is the one who tried to kill her only five years before.

[The] characters are vivid, the world fleshed out enough to be engaging but not so much that it bogs the reader down. Allegory is a thin thin line to hold steady to but you walked it will the confidence of a tight rope walker. Thank you for giving us characters that struggle with themselves in a deep way.

R. E. LEvy
@relevy on Wattpad

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