Thaw My Heart – 06

warning! some nsfw below

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Fenlin dreamt of the forest, of the old spirit that lived there. She ran through the falling snow, barefoot and free, leaving behind footprints in the virgin snow. She wasn’t running from or towards anything in particular. Sometimes, she just needed to feel unfettered, like she could run until her lungs gave out.

The game trail she was running along opened up to a clearing that was dominated by a massive oak that would take at least four people Fenlin’s size to wrap around the trunk with arms outstretched. It’s limbs were bare, covered only with a dusting of snow.

Slowing her run to a stop, Fenlin stared at the base of the tree where Rhalen stood. Bare-chested, he wore only his jeans and a piercing gaze that drew her in.  She was sure she hadn’t moved a step, but now she was in front of him, his hand cupping her face as he stared down at her with those ice blue eyes. He was like winter himself, more than she was. His dark hair was the colour of the oak’s branches in the night, and his pale skin the colour of fresh fallen snow safe for the flush on his cheeks and lips.

He opened his mouth, about to say something, and she pressed a finger against it to shush him. Reaching up to her tiptoes, she kissed along his jaw towards his ear. Her hands softened against his skin, warming against the heat of his body as she let them explore the rises and dips of his shoulders down to his chest and sides. Fenlin listened closely at the quiet groan Rahlen made as her teeth grazed his earlobe and tugged.

He moved explosively. His muscles bunched under her hands and he grabbed the backs of her thighs, lifting her up so she sat on his hips and holding her there until she wrapped her legs around him. Her back was pressed to the oak’s trunk, her lips caught by his as he pressed his hips into hers to hold her in place. She could feel him pressing against his jeans, and Fenlin let out a surprised little gasp against Rahlen’s lips before wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pulling him tighter against her.

His hands slipped up under her sweater to run over her ribs and find the softness of her breasts, brushing his thumbs over the underside of them before teasing upwards and over her nipples. The sound in her throat was louder this time, more of a mewl for more than a surprised gasp. She felt him grin against her lips, and she shifted, holding on with one arm while sliding the other hand down between them.

Her breath caught, heavier against her lips and his. He’d caught her left nipple between thumb and forefinger, and now he gently pinched and rolled it between them. She felt him grin against her lips, and he nudged her head to the side, his mouth finding the muscle just below her ear and nipping it with his teeth before planting a hot, wet kiss there.

Fenlin bit her lip, arching into his hand. Her own, pressed between their hips, rubbed the bulge in his jeans eagerly, desperate to get him to make a sound in return, something to get him back for what he was doing to her. As she pulled her hand up and let her fingertips tease against the skin just inside his waistband Fenlin was finally rewarded with a groan, and the feel of his hands tightening against her skin for a moment.

“Do you trust me?” He asked, teeth and lips hot against her ear.

Fen nodded, slipping her hand lower against the soft skin of his lower belly.


Something sharp bit her neck, and Fenlin started where she lay, eyes opening to a still-dark window of a strange room and hot hands on her skin. One was slipped up under the borrowed sweater, cupping a breast while the other was teasing along her thighs.

She shuddered, breath catching as she felt Rahlen run the tip of his tongue up along her ear, then back down.

“Do you still want thi-” he started to murmur, but Fenlin had pressed her hips back against his, her hand slipping between them to brush over his skin to the hard bulge in his boxer briefs that was pressing against her. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckled, and Fenlin nodded, licking her suddenly dry lips.

Even as she felt along him through the fabric of his underwear,  she could feel the heat that came off his skin, and the thought of that on her hand, on her tongue or inside of her was enough to make her squirm against his hands.

“Less clothes,” she breathed, looking back at him over her shoulder. She could see his face in the dim light, the wideness of his pupils as he looked back at her and nodded. He pulled the sweater up over her head and tossed it to a dark corner of the room before hooking his fingers into her underwear and slowly slid it down to her knees. Still safe and warm under the covers, Fenlin didn’t try to cover herself or flinch away as his hands nudged her to roll towards him.

She did, and found her lips claimed by his, his tongue pressing past to seek out her own. Melting into him, she kicked off her underwear and wrapped herself around him, arms around his shoulders and legs around his hips just as she had in the dream.

“Rahlen do you-” she mumbled aginst his lips, answering his hungry kisses with her own between words “Do you have anything?” Because as much as she wanted this  and good creators did she want it, she needed to know if she had to stop things now.

He grinned at her and nodded, stealing a last, breatheating kiss before he pulled back and rolled to reach off the edge of the bed to where he’d abandoned his pants much earlier that night.

“Thank the spirits,” Fenlin murmured, pressing herself to his back, her hands slipping around to run fingertips along his lower belly. She pressed a gentle kiss to the nape of his neck, and was surprised by the shiver she felt run through him. “No?” she murmured, trailing a lazy line up his spine with her nose before pressing a longer kiss just above the last one, ending in a gentle nibble. “Or yes?”

“Very… yes,” he said, and she giggled to herself at the way his voice caught. She kissed along his spine as she listened to him pull out his wallet and then the soft foil crinkle of a condom wrapper being opened. He caught the haand she’d pressed to his belly and wrapped his own around it, guiding her hand to help roll on the condom around him.

“Please be gentle at first?” she whispered, eyes widening a bit as she slipped her hand down along him. “It’s.. been a while.” And it wasn’t like the first time had been with anyone like him.

He rolled to face her, lifting up to hover over her, her hand still in his.

“I will be until you beg me not to be,” he said with that cocky smile of his, before he leaned down and kissed her again. He let go of her hand, slipping his up along her inner thigh and then over her slit, probing gently to be sure she was hot and needy. As she felt him slide a finger along her, Fenlin shuddered and arched under his touch.

“Please,” she mumbled, lifting her hips for him. “Rahlen, please,” she begged, looking up at him. He nodded, watching her closely as he pressed himself against her. She bit her lip and watched his mouth open in a small groan as he eased himself inside of her. Or, she watched until her eyes fluttered and she had to gasp and adjust her hips against him.

“Maker, Fen,” Rahlen groaned, his mouth pressing against her neck. He eased back and then pressed in still further, this time until he was buried into her fully. They both held still for a moment, holding onto the other and breathing heavily as they took a moment to adjust to feeling the other. Rahlen recovered first, drawing back from her achingly slowly before pressing back deep into her again.

He was true to his word, gentle until she was begging him with breathless words to not be. Even still he lingered slowly, relishing he desperate entreaties with that smug grin of his, until he finally gave in to what they both desperately wanted. Fingers grasping at his back and his neck Fenlin was the first to slip, the shudder of pleasure catching her by surprise. Rahlen held on longer, enjoying watching her shift and squirm with that damn smirk of his, though he bit his lower lip until he followed her past the limits of control, his face burying against her neck.

Even after, lips numb and fingertips a-tingle, Fenlin held onto him tight. Her cheek resting on his chest, tiny shivers running down her spine as his fingers lazily traced whorls of nothing over the skin of her back. Eyes closed, she listened to the thu-dub of his heart slowing after the release moments ago. Paired with the steadying rush of air into his lungs, the regular beat of his heart was soothing, almost more than the heat of his skin. Enough to lull her to the edge of sleep.

“I don’t do one night stands, you know,” Rahlen murmured. She could feel the words in his chest, and she realised faintly that his fingers were in her hair. She tilted her head up, looking at him through sleepy lashes.

“What’s that mean?” she asked, too sleepy to be wary but too cynical to be hopeful. Her question was exacty what it was. What DID that mean? He didn’t do relationships either as far as she’d heard. And she’d heard plenty in the change rooms at the rink.

Rahlen sucked on his lower lip, looking at her.

“I’m not sure yet, clearly we need to do this again at least once more,” he said. Fenlin snorted, reaching for the blankets and pulled them up over her head, cutting off any further discussion on the topic. He laughed, tugging the blankets down.

“you need to breathe still,” he pointed out, brushing back the curtain of hair the blankets had pulled over her face.

“Elven secret, we don’t breathe, we photosynthesize,” Fenling murmured, closing her eyes again. She was warm, and this time she knew she’d sleep far longer. “Can’t tell humans, it’s a secret. Shhh.” She reached up without looking and felt around until she found his lips, then pressed a finger to them, just as she had in the fade. “Sshhh pretty shemlen boy, shhh.”

Rahlen chuckled, but he didn’t press the point. At least not while Fenlin was awake. And she wasn’t for long. Instead, he kissed her hand and guided it to his  shoulder, and that was the last Fenlin remembered.


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Showered, and, ahem… thoroughly cleaned, Fenlin had accepted coffee and a bagel before tramping out to clear off her car. It was still dark out, not that it meant much so close to the solstice. Brushing the snow from the driver’s side door, she opened it and climbed in to start the engine and turn the heat on to help defrost the windows.



“Oh no, come on,” she muttered, checking that her car’s battery hadn’t been drained by headlights left on. No. Okay. One more time….


“Fuuuuck,” she groaned, thunking her forehead into the cold steering wheel slowly. She’d have to get the car towed, or boosted, or- but they had practice soon. She’d just hoped to head home early and grab her things and maybe some makeup to cover the marks she’d woken to find on her neck.

Thanks, Rahlen.

Fenlin looked over at where the man in question’s car waited in his driveway, and sighed. She’d need to beg a ride. There wasn’t much other option, not unless they were to miss ice-time.

Swearing, Fenlin grabbed her bag and yanked the keys from the ignition. She locked the car behind her and stomped back up to the house, sighing heavily before she knocked at the door.

“Back so soon?” Rahlen said as he opened it, grin in place. He was shirtless, still. And Fen’s cheeks turned red as she spotted a few marks she’d left of her own. “Normally girls give it a day or two before they start calling again you know.”

“My car won’t start,” she said, pressing a snowy mitten against his bare stomach. He hissed and swatted at her hand, laughing despite himself. Fen felt a bit better, even if she’d just jeopardized her ride to the rink.

“C’mon in, I’ll get my stuff and we can head out to your place first,” Rahlen said without hesitating. “Do you want another cup of coffee while you wait?” Stupid. Charming. Jerk. With…. charmingness.

“Yes, please,” Fenlin said, stepping inside and brushing the snow from her coat and mittens. “I’m really sorry about this. It’s been okay this winter until now, of all days to stop working…” she glared at the street over her shoulder as Rahlen closed the door behind her.

“Uh huh,” he said, grinning. “Maybe it heard you this morning when you started begging me to-”

“Or it died of embarrassment on my behalf,” she countered. Fen’s cheeks were scarlet now, and she shifted where she stood, crossing her arms over her chest. “Besides I wasn’t the one to start begging this morning. Ahem. ‘Oh maker,’” she said, parodying his voice. “’Fen don’t stop, please, fuck, Fen,’” she said, then wrinkled her nose at him.

Rahlen’s cheeks had turned slightly pink, but the grin didn’t shift and he just shrugged. Not the reaction she’d been hoping for.

“What can I say?” Rahlen said, walking deeper into his house to pull on his shirt and sweater that he’d left draped over the back of a chair. “Begging was worth it. But what I don’t get, is the Fenlin last night and the one in the shower, where’s she when you’re on the ice?” he asked, snagging his keys from the small kitchen table and tucking them into his pants pocket.

“She’s trying not to panic at the amount of people watching her,” Fenlin said, leaning back against the door with a small frown. “I hope there weren’t a few dozen people watching what we did in your shower.” She paused “There wasn’t, right?”

“No,” Rahlen said with a laugh. “There wasn’t. Relax Fen. I’m not about to go telling people what happened last night, not when I know how much it bothers you.” He picked up a travel mug and held it out to her. Grudgingly, she took it, wrapping her hands around it.

He leaned in, brushing a thumb along her jaw, and she swallowed the sudden thud in her chest.

“I know that you can do it though,” he said. “Look practice is just us and Arainai, right? So, give it a try. Be the Fenlin from last night and this morning.”

Fenlin pursed her lips, then sighed. “Fine,” she said. “I’ll try.”


Strong hands held her, one against her waist and the other on her forearm as she glided backwards across the ice. Hot, even through her lycra sweater, she didn’t  grab onto him as Rahlen counted down from three by her ear. Then, she was launched into the air, spinning and flying until her skate caught the ice and she kicked her leg out and back for balance, trying to hang on to the landing. Almost… almost… she felt the back of her blade bite too deeply and it toppled her back onto her ass and hip.

“I thought you’d had it for sure,” Rahlen said, skating over and offering a hand to help her up. Fenlin winced, taking the help to get back onto her feet. “Did I throw you too far?”

She shook her head.

“I leaned too far back on my edge,” she said, rubbing where she’d landed. There’d be a bruise to soak later. One of several from today’s practice. “You threw me fine.”

“Try again from the side-by-side spins,” Zevran called out from the side of the rink. “You nearly had it this time. Technically. You still look like you’re on a blind date, your performance is lacking,” the choreographer added. “Seduce each other! Melt the ice, and those watching you both.”

“Shower Fenlin,” Rahlen murmured from the corner of his mouth and Fenlin tried to hide her laugh as they skated towards center ice with long strides, hers a bit shorter and pained than his.

“Alright,” she said with a sigh, gliding around him as they waited for the music to be queued back to where they were to start the routine agian. “Shower Fenlin. ” She rolled her shoulders back and took a deep breath, looking at him.

Stupid. Sexy. Rahlen.


The music started and she kicked off, stepping into the spin at the same time as he did. Feel the music, relax. There were only the three of them in the main rink area. No one to laugh or judge (aside from the choreographer himself) and after night before and early morning, Fenlin knew Rahlen wouldn’t laugh either. At least, not AT her.

With maybe.

Until she made him suck in his breath with that little hitch in his throat.

Blades cutting over the ice, she forced her body to let go of the tension in her shoulders and the persistent dread of humiliation. She was, after all, already embarrassed. Wrapping his arm around her waist, Rahlen took her forearm and slipped his other hand to her waist.

“Three, two,” he murmured. And then she was flying, spinning through the air. It was far from an impressive triple or more, but this time as her blade bit into the ice, Fenlin held on to the landing. She dipped lower than she should have, hands close to the ice surface, but she held on, gliding backwards.

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“Yeah!” Rahlen shouted, throwing his hands up into the air. “You did it! We did it! That was awesome!” he said, skating over and scooping her up into a hug.

“ow-” Fen protested weakly. Between Rahlen’s marks and the ice, she had bruises blooming all over her body.

“Wonderful! Now from the top!” Zevran shouted from the sidelines.

Both skaters groaned softly, and headed back towards centre ice. Fen glanced at the rink’s scoreboard. The time said they’d have one more run, then their icetime would be over, and she could call the tow service and slink off to soak in a hot bath until her body stopped aching.

“Seduce me,” Rahlen murmured into her ear, in a terrible Antivan accent. Fenlin bit her lip, trying not to giggle. “Seduce me away from the chaste teachings of the Chantry you wild thing.” Composure lost, she couldn’t help laughing as the music started, missing her cue.

“Focus! AGAIN,” Zevran shouted, clapping his hands.

“Yes, I’ll steal you away to the forest,” she murmured to him, still smiling despite her best efforts. Taking up her opening posision, she couldn’t help but add: “Now shush pretty shemlen. Prepare to be seduced.”

It was Rahlen’s turn to laugh, but at least they both made their cues, and as Fenlin kicked off into the opening footwork, she couldn’t help but grin herself. No one else was watching, she could relax here.