Thaw My Heart – 05

Rahlen tasted like wine and heat, his lips hungry for hers and Fenlin wasn’t sure who had initiated this, second, kiss. She didn’t care who had. He tasted better than the wine had, and far more intoxicating. Heart thudding in her chest, Fenlin set the wineglass aside on the coffee table with a loud clack of glass on wood as she misjudged the distance.

“Sor-” she mumbled, but Rahlen’s lips caught hers again, cutting off the apology. Fen abandoned it, letting the word turn into a soft sound deep in her throat. She slipped one hand up over his shirt slowly and lingering to feel the heat of his skin through the thin material before her fingers found skin above the collar. Curling her fingertips over his neck, she took a handful of the shirt collar, pulling him against her.

Huffed laughter against her lips was her only warning before strong arms reached down and grabbed hold of her hips and lifted her forward onto his lap.

“Maker, Fen you’re so small,” he mumbled, kissing down to her jaw between each word. “And so warm.” He pulled back, nudging at her chin with his nose until she tipped her head back and to the side. His teeth grazed along her throat, and Fenlin bit her lip as a shiver ran down her spine.

This was happening right? She wasn’t suffering delirium after hitting her head on the ice during practice?

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“I’m s-sorry?” she mumbled, unable to think of any other sort of response. She felt the rumble of laughter through her hand before she felt it on her neck. Her cheeks got hot, and she hesitated, not sure if the laughter was with, or at her.

“Don’t be,” Rahlen said, the tip of his nose brushing against her earlobe. His hands had crept up under the borrowed sweater to press against the bare skin of her back. “Don’t be sorry.” His lips brushed her ear, and Fenlin’s eyes fluttered as a small whimper caught on her tongue.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” he said, breath hot on her ear, her neck.  He grazed along her earlobe with his lips, nibbling by one of the piercings near the tip. She couldn’t swallow the small moan this time, as he nibbled and nipped at the sensitive skin of her ear.

“I’m sorry,” Rahlen said, and she could hear the grin in his words. One of his hands pulled out from under the sweater, reaching up to run a fingertip along her other earlobe. “Was that you asking me to stop?” he teased, letting his fingers trace slow, light, lines over her neck to where  the overlarge sweater’s collar was slipping from one shoulder.

“No,” she managed, the hand not holding onto his collar slipped up the nape of his neck and she smiled as she felt him shiver under her fingertips. “No please don’t stop.” Fen spread her fingers out, brushing up his shorn scalp to curl into his hair.

He mumbled something into her neck, but this time Fen wasn’t sure what he’d said. She didn’t get a chance to ask, his lips were hungry on hers again, his hands pulling her against his chest, up to his mouth.


They’d made it to bottom of the stairwell. Fenlin’s fingers had fumbled through the buttons to Rahlen’s shirt, but she was rewarded with the touch of his hot skin underneath. Fingers digging into his sides, she’d gotten up  only one step before she’d pushed him back against the wall, mouth trailing along his collarbone and down his chest  to his breastbone. She could taste his heartbeat through his skin, and sneaking a glance up at him, she couldn’t resist grinning.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” she breathed, and was rewarded with that rumble of a laugh that she could feel through his chest. Rahlen shook his head, eyes dark and lips pulled back into a breathy smile.

He slipped his hands into her hair, teasing free the the elastic that held the bun in place. Fenlin ran her hands down his sides slowly, stopping at his hips where they found his jeans and belt.

“Ah,” he said, catching her hands. Fenlin looked up in surprise. Had she done something wrong? But he was still smiling so… no? “Not yet.” He said, and he pulled her back up straight. “Not yet,” he said again, and crouched, lifting her up by the waist and throwing her over his shoulder.

Fenlin yelped, grabbing onto his shoulders and back as she found herself upside down and staring at the stairs as Rahlen started up them.

“I could walk,” she stammered, twisting to look at the back of his head.

“I’m sure you could have,” Rahlen said with a laugh, one arm holding her legs against him to keep her in place. “But you need to trust me for our lifts right?”

Fen opened her mouth to argue- stammer- something- but he clapped his other hand to her ass, and she lost whatever words she’d had. Face turning red, she watched as he looked over the shoulder she wasn’t on and arched an eyebrow to see her reaction.

Red, sputtering and biting her lip was apparently what he was after, since his smile widened to a grin.

“Trust takes a while,” He said, reaching a bedroom door and pushing it open. Light from the snowy night filtered in through the window, leaving the room painted orange from reflected streetlights. A large bed, simply made, a closet and suitcase tucked into one corner. It didn’t look like a room someone lived in.

“So, as much as I’d like to make you squirm and moan until you see stars,” Rahlen continued, and Fenlin felt herself be lifted off and set down on the bed. “I don’t want your first time to be after drinking a whole bottle of wine.”

Fen blinked, then frowned.

“You think this would be my first- I’m not- it wouldn’t be,” she huffed, fingers reaching out and snagging the beltloops on his jeans.

“It’d be your first time with me,” he said, catching her chin and leaning in dangerously close to her lips.

“So you’re saying no sex?” She asked, biting the inside of her lip to keep from sulking.

“No sex, at least not tonight,” Rahlen said. “Sleep well Fenlin.” He closed the distance with a deep kiss, and Fenlin melted into it, despite herself. He was just so warm, and he tasted good and ugh. Why.

“Sleep with me then,” she said as he pulled back. “No sex, just, it’s cold, and you’re warm. I’ll be good, I promise,” she said, holding her hand up solemnly. He watched her, smile still in place, though his lips were only barely parted.

“Alright,” he said. “Get in, I need to splash some cold water onto my face so that I behave.” He swatted her leg again and Fenlin grinned at him, watching as he turned and stepped out of the doorway. A small voice was asking what she thought she was doing, but Fenlin and the wine both stomped it down.

Building trust. She pulled the covers back, wiggling out of her leggings and slipping under the sheets and duvet. The sweater she wore was long enough to be a mini dress, but the cold cotton sheets were enough to make her shiver. She tucked herself into a ball while Rahlen washed up, and when she felt the covers lift and he slipped in next to her, Fenlin nestled back into him, pulling his arm around her to warm her up.

“Maker, you weren’t joking about being cold,” Rahlen said with a huff of laughter, pulling her against him and wrapping his arms around her. “Night Fenlin.”

“G’night Rahlen,” she said, yawning and eagerly leeching up his heat. She wondered why he’d stopped things, but now didn’t seem like the time to ask. Tomorrow maybe, when she wouldn’t risk losing the bed’s heatsource. For now she was happy to just be warm and rest. Even if he smelled just as good and spicy and tasty as he had earlier.

Fuck. Falling asleep might take a while.