Kindle My Heart – 04

Fenlin had decided that camping out in the main drag of Skyhold would be the easiest for them to spot the tow truck hauling Bannwyn’s car into town. Sitting in the car with a coffee each, Fenlin and Rahlen had found their laps swiftly occupied by puppies, wriggling and sniffing at hands and faces and generally being curious. Fen’s free hand had found it’s way to rub one pup’s belly, and she’d noticed that Rahlen was still holding the pup he’d put into his coat earlier. She had a sneaking suspicion that Rahlen would be adopting the pup before he flew home on Monday.

“They should be showing up soon,” she said, for the fourt time. Rahlen smiled over at her, and Fen tried not to notice. She hadn’t forgotten what he’d said earlier. But, she was also hungry, and coffee and a handful of salted almonds from the coffee shop weren’t enough to keep her belly from letting her know that it needed to eat.

“I know, he’ll be okay,” Rahlen said, reaching out and giving her knee a squeeze. “Then we can return the dogs, and I might cry a little but it’ll be manly tears, then we can order food and hide out in your amazing log cabin.” Fen looked over at him, lips tugging up at the corners.

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“What?” he asked, hand still on her knee. “Don’t pretend it’s not cool that you’re living in an honest-to-maker log cabin.”

“Should I not mention that it has a fire place?” she asked, rubbing the puppy’s chin. It let out a satisfied groan and she couldn’t help but laugh. “He sounds like an old man. Are puppies always like this?” she asked, glancing down at the brown mabari pup in her lap. “Pretending to be old men in little wrinkly potato suits?”

Rahlen laughed along with her, and Fenlin knew it was with her. Unlike so many other skaters, Rahlen’s laugh was different, easier to read. Maybe it was all the time they’d spent on the ice together last season, but Fen knew that his laugh would never be at her. Never.

“Well mabaris are smarter than the other breeds. It’s a hold over from the strong magic of the old days,” he said, reaching out and scratching the pups forhead. “Not to brag, but totally going to brag about how they not only survived but thrived in Ferelden while they’re nearly unheard of in other countries.”

Fen rolled her eyes, but she was listening. Curious as ever, and he knew she was, damnit. “Why is that?”

Rahlen shrugged, looking up from the puppy to her. “Maybe because we Fereldens were the only ones to appreciate them? Who knows, I’m sure the dogs would tell us if they could, but english is beyond even a mabari to learn.” He smiled, and Fen couldn’t help but smile back. Behind them, Chessie grunted in agreement.

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“I’d ask if you could possibly be any more Ferelden at the moment, but I’m scared of the answer,” she said, taking a sip of her coffee.

“Well,” Rahlen said, shrugging. “I left my lucky kilt in  my suitcase. Maybe I should of worn it, aye?” He asked, winking as he slipped into a stereotypical Ferelden hinterlands accent. “Course it’s a bit windy up here to wear it. Still, it’s been my good luck charm since I entered Senior’s so I thought I’d bring it to your second debut. It’s a fresh start and all…” he paused, head tilting. “You’re looking at me weird. What is it?”

Fen swallowed her mouthful of coffee, and moved the cup out of the reach of curious puppy mouths. “I just, pup no. Coffee’s for me, not dogs. I just thought that the ‘lucky kilt’ was a story that the others made up to pull my leg,” she said, and glanced at the trunk behind them. “Wait. You brought it? For my good luck?! Am I supposed to wear it?”

“Mhm, I brought it,” Rahlen answered, and waited until she looked back at him to continue. “Not many people change their approach so much in a few months, Fen. I figured this is your real entrance into the senior’s. Not who your coach wanted you to be, but you. So, if my lucky kilt helped, why not pack it in case?” He shrugged a shoulder, non chalant. But Fenlin’s chest was doing weird acrobatics and she couldn’t hold in her reaction much longer. “And I mean, you could try to wear it, but you’re so tiny it’d just fall off.”

“Thank you,” she whispered. “That means a lot.” And not just because it meant she’d get to see Rahlen in a Kilt, but because he’d thought about it. Not just that, he’d understood what she had been doing for the last few months. “I hope it helps too, but at the same time I also hope I don’t need it, y’know?”

Rahlen smiled, giving her knee a squeeze. “I know. What’s your thing? Every skater I know has a superstition, but even before the gala, I didn’t figure yours out.” He paused, then arched an eyebrow. “Does this mean I get to find out this weekend?”

Fen chewed at the rim of her coffee cup, watching Rahlen. Her old superstitions and routines had been thrown out one by one as she’d flubbed competition after competition. All but one, and she wasn’t sure if she was able to let him in on that. Still, he was here and supportive, and she could trust him more than almost anyone else she knew.

Before Fen answered, Chessie stood up behind them and barked, loud enough for Fenlin to jump in her seat. Down the road, moments after, appeared a tow truck. Thank the creators, she hadn’t wanted to say ‘oh well it’s kind of you hahahahahah KILL ME NOW PLEASE’.

“See? Everything’s okay,” Rahlen said, letting his hand run up adn down her thigh. “I’ll see where he’s staying so we can drop off the dogs,” he added, giving her leg a last squeeze before he stepped out of the car, still holding onto the puppy he’d had in his lap.

Door closed behind him to keep in the warmth, Fenlin let out a long breath.

Was Rahlen her new good luck charm? That wasn’t sustainable, how long before something pretty caught his eye or he had a competition of his own the same weekend as hers? Fenlin couldn’t expect him to make it out to each of her own, but he helped her shake off the nerves more than anyone else. It was like he didn’t even need to try.

“Wuff,” Chessie said, sniffing at the empty seat.

“Soon,” Fenlin answered without thinking. “Just need to find out where your pap’s going.” Rahlen nodded and waved to the men in the tow truck, then opened the passenger door and climbed back in next to Fenlin.

“He’s at the Herald’s rest, you know where that is?” Rahlen asked, buckling in.

“Yup, just around a block or two,” Fen said. “It’s the only bar in town worth going to. We could probably grab takeout there while we drop off the dogs,” she added, hand pressed to her stomach.

“Sounds like a plan,” Rahlen said with a smile.


His lips were on her neck, his hands pressing her firmly back against the door they’d just barely closed behind her. The takeout from Herald’s Rest was forgotten by Fenlin’s feet as Rahlen’s fingers undid the zipper of her coat and pushed it aside, fingers searching out her waist. With a shuddering breath, she swallowed hard and tilted her head back, fingers undoing the buttons of his peacoat in a hurry to shove it back off his shoulders. She felt the deep chuckle more than she heard it, fumbling against her neck where his mouth nipped and kissed.  Reasonable thought was long out the window, leaving only hurried breaths and needy fingers.

The cabin interior was small, a one room set up with a kitchenette on one end of the building and a bed on the other. There was a small couch and fireplace, but right now, Rahlen and Fenlin were still stuck at the entry way.

“I meant to lick and tease you until you screamed,” Rahlen said, voice rough against her throat. “But Maker, Fen, I don’t know if I’ll last that long.”

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His hands scooped down over her ass and his fingers dug into her, lifting her up to wrap her legs around his waist.

Fenlin didn’t have a reply to that. She couldn’t. What could she say? How could she possibly say anything other than the soft whimper that slipped out of her lips?

Wrapping her legs around his waist, Fenlin kicked off her boots, uncaring where they landed. He pinned her against the door now, the hot throb of Rahlen’s arousal pressing against her through too-thick layers of fabric. Rolling her hips against it, Fen nipped at his ear, small and rounded, she nevertheless felt him twitch  under her, against her as she tugged at his earlobe with her teeth.

“Fuck,” Rahlen groaned, pulling back to nuzzle along her ear. He adjusted his grip on her legs, scooping them up so her calves rested against his forearms,  feet against his shoulders. She gasped, holding on tight to his shoulders to keep steady, but he held her, braced against the door to the cabin just as firmly as he’d held her up in the air at the gala.

“I wanted you so bad at the look out,” Rahlen groaned into her ear, a hand rubbing against her through her jeans.  He’d caught her lips between sentences, hungry and hard “I couldn’t stop thinking of how warm you are, how you let your breath catch whenever I press into you,” Rahlen purred against her skin. Fenlin was beyond helping now. Holding onto Rahlen’s shoulders, she adjusted to help as his fingers tugged her jeans down and out of his way.

“I wasn’t joking about tonight,” he said, running a single finger along her underwear. Her cheeks and ears were already scarlet, Fenlin couldn’t do much but look up at him, shuddering as he nudged the damp cloth aside and pressed a finger against her

“I didn’t,” she managed, having to pause and swallow hard as he adjusted his grip on her, fingers curling along her inner wall and slowly starting to stoke her there. “I didn’t…
“You didn’t what” Rahlen asked, nipping at her ears. “Tell me, did you want me just as badly?”

Fenlin moaned, arching against the door and his fingers as he teased her. How did he expect her to answer when he was so dangerously distracting?

“Tell me,” he said, slowly pulling his hand free from her.

“Yes,” she admitted, watching him through heavily lidded eyes, lips parted as he stared back into her own face. Compared to her, he was a giant. He loomed over her at the best of times, so tightly tangled, he had to crook his neck to kiss her, and he did, hard. Something hotter and thicker than his finger brushed up against her, and Fenlin couldn’t swallow the shuddermoan of need as Rahlen pressed himself into her, so achingly slowly. Against the door, barely inside the cabin, she held onto his shoulders, legs wrapped around his waist. What was she doing? she should be… something else. But Fenlin didn’t want to be doing something else, especially if it meant somewhere else.

“Fuck,” she breathed as he pressed deep into her, burying his cock into her warmth. He rested his forehead against hers, his lips catching the only tips of her own as they both tried to catch their breath.

“Yeah,” he breathed, catching her hand and pressing it to the door over her head. Her fingers laced around his, the meat of his palm holding her small wrist tight against the door. Neither of them lasted much longer. Face buried into his shoulder, Fenlin pressed numb lips against his wool coat as she held onto him tightly, body still trembling from the peak she’d just reached.

Slowly, gently, he lowered her back to her feet, hands bracing her and himself up against the door.

“Maker,” he murmured, nuzzling her ear with still-ragged breaths. “I’ll buy you a new coat.” Fenlin was only half aware of the warmth against her legs, a last minute thought, remembering they hadn’t had time to uh… cheeks brilliant, she shook her head against his chest.

“It’s, it’s okay. We should,” she mumbled, looking up at him. “Food, bed, thing. Words’re hard,” she said with a stupid smile, and laughed. “Thinking’s hard.”

He grinned, leaning down and caught her lips with his again.

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