Kindle My Heart – 01

The sound of skates on ice was a music of its own, the kssh ksssh sshk rythm of steel on ice building a beat for the body to follow. The trick, Fenlin thought, was to get the beat of the skates to match the song she was skating to. It wasn’t easy, especially with timing the tricks to not just the song but also when she was ready.

Since the gala last December, Fenlin had sat down with her new coach and choreographer to sort out where she wanted to go with her skating. The changes had been extensive: a different training focus, song choices, even down to the costumes and competitions she’d be competing in. It hadn’t been easy, but months in, Fenlin felt better. More comfortable in her skin. More comfortable on the ice.

“Better!” called out Pavus from the boards as she landed the final jump sequence, set in the second half of her routine. Ending the routine, she held the final pose for a few seconds before resting her hands on her hips, folding over to catch her breath.

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“Did you get it?” she asked, skating over to where her coach waited, tapping at her phone.

“I did, though your boyfriend has texted about three times while I was recording,” Dorian said with a sniff. “So I’m not sure if that means the footage will be shaky because of the vibrations.”

Fenlin rolled her eyes, and reached out to snatch her phone from her coach. “He’s not my boyfriend,” she reminded him. “Rahlen’s just a friend.”

Dorian dodged, swiping a finger across the phone then held the screen up facing her. The image (one of the texts, no doubt) was of Rahlen in front of a mirror in a towel. Fenlin felt her cheeks heat up, and her ears were positively on fire.

“Dorian!” she said, making another grab for the phone over the boards.

“This. This is not ‘just a friend’,” Dorian said, jabbing his finger at the screen that he kept out of her reach. “This is godly. And texting you three times in three minutes. If you aren’t sleeping with that… I have no hope left for you.”

Fenlin was sure she was dying a bit inside with each passing second. “oh my god,” she groaned, crouching behind the boards, mittened hands covering her face. “oh my god. Please tell me you didn’t reply to him.”

Dorian said nothing. She peeked up to see him leaning on the boards over her, wiggling her phone between his fingers.


“You’ve invited him to come and visit for your first competition next week. With a smiley face,” Dorian said. He lifted an eyebrow at her mortified expression. “What? you asked me not to tell you if I had. Make up your mind, Fenlin.” He handed the phone to her with a small huff.

“You’d better invite me to the wedding,” he said, turning on his heel and headding towards the rink’s doors. “I’ll get us a coffee and once you’re done being a tomato we can go over how the routine looked.”

Fen took the phone, and thunked her forehead against the boards. Pulling off her mitten, she pulled up the chat history.

> Fenlin [8:03 am]: practice time. Gotta run or pavus’ll get hissy.

> Rahlen [8:11 am]: Pissing off coaches is never good. Sure you’ll do great tho.
[9:15 am]: Shae said the video you sent her looked good. Why didn’t you send me a video? =( is it because you don’t love me?
[9:16 am] It is, isn’t it. I can tell. My heart is broken. I’m dirty-crying.
[9:17 am] had to go wash off the sadness, see? <showerselfie09.jpg>

> Fenlin [9:17 am] Sorry! was on the ice. I wanted the routine to be a surprise 😉 . You should come watch it in person next weekend. =)

Fen bit her lip, tapping at her phone a quick reply, explaining that she hadnt’ sent the last text. Before she could hit ‘send’ the reply popped up with a chime and buzz.

> Rahlen [9:20 am] Thought you’d never ask! Looking forward to seeing you kick ass. Booking flight now.

Fenlin hesitated, glaring over at the doors that Dorian had exited through, then deleted the words she’d already written.

> Fenlin [9:20 am] If you’re up for it, it’d be nice to hang out again. Plus, moral support would be A+

Standing, she skated to the door in the boards, letting outa long breath as she did. Dorian was going to be insufferably smug, but the thought of having a friend there for support in her first competition with a new coach, new everything was too tempting to pass up.

It was absolutely nothing to do with that selfie. Nothing.