Entropic Horizons Remix

The remixed, streamlined, action & feels packed rewrite of the original Entropic Horizons.

EHR 01 – An Ashen Rebirth

Everything about this felt uncomfortably familiar and yet the difference of circumstance were jarring. Standing in the airlock of an Aravel shuttle, Milliara braced a hand against the wall and watched darkness through the scuffed porthole. Beyond the door, past the hiss of decompression, lay a moon she had thought she’d never see again.

EHR 02 – Ghosts of the Past

Milliara winced, looking from the women down to where her hands were each cuffed to railings of a medical gurney. Lavender skin was bruised down her left arm, and she could see her fingers hand wrist was swollen. Frowning, she turned her hand up to look at her palm.

EHR 03 – Self Destruct

For the second time in as many days, Milliara stood in an airlock, waiting to reach the drop point. However, this time she was not alone. Behind her stood a motley fireteam made up of whoever could still hold a weapon. Qunari, elves, a dwarf… even what looked to be a surviving Templar.

The feeling of deja-vu was stifling.