Fan Fiction

Stories I’ve written about stuff that I don’t own. Adventure! Romance! Explosions!

In Glory & Gore

Dragon Age. The next generation of heroes find themselves fighting for their lives in Tevinter, both in the gladiator ring and out of it.

Hearts on Ice

A Fluffy Romantic Series of two skaters falling in love.  Dragon Age Fanfic, second generation.

Entropic Horizons

A retelling of Dragon Age Inquisition mashed up with people’s OC’s and thrown into a Space setting. People die in EH that don’t in DAI, and while some main events are similar they don’t necessarily go how they do within the game.


Siff takes a job and things go catastrophically wrong.


One-off short drabbles of fanfiction set in alternate timelines or universes. This is where the “What-IFs” live.