Ghat Saves the Day Pacing

I use a method to plan out Page and Panels that’s inspired by Cullen Bunn‘s Plot to Script Process post. I find it helps me figure out pacing.


Story Seed: Orc Woman is best Mage

Plot: Mages Guild sends Ghat to complete a job. Encounters


====== ====================
1 Ghat answers call for a mage at the merc guild
2 3 Ghat insists they take her. Gets job details:
rob a caravan, casts sleep spell on Guards.
4 5 Find trap (throw gnome through carriage) Complete job,
review Ghat 5 stars. Or else.


Uh, so normally I fill these out more thoroughly but I ended up just writing the script after page 2 when I realised that I was mostly writing the dialogue here anyways.

Feel free to copy the format and use it for yourself!

Note: I use ‘stuff’ as a place holder because one doubleclick and you can write over it without losing your formatting.

===== ====================
1.1 "Ghat the Great in 'Does a Magic'" Close up of bulletin board,
most obvious flyer is "MAGE wanted for High Stakes Job.
Must be Guild Member."

1.2 Reaction shot shows viewer is an Orc, holding big staff,
grim and barbarian looking

1.3 Post board, the flyer's been taken off, Ghat walking away

1.4 Ghat puts flyer down on tavern table in front of a Gnome and
"Hire Ghat."

1.5 Ghat shows Guild badge. "Ghat does Good Magics. Hire Ghat."

1.6 Gnome and elf shrug, looking at each other. Why not?

-----------------PAGE FLIP-------------------------

2.1 Here's the job... Gnome says
2.2 Cut to
2.3 stuff
2.4 stuff
2.5 stuff

3.1 ...
3.2 stuff
3.3 stuff
3.4 AIM
3.5 stuff

-----------------PAGE FLIP-------------------------

4.1 stuff
4.2 stuff
4.3 stuff
4.4 stuff

5.1 stuff
5.2 stuff
5.3 stuff
5.4 stuff
5.5 stuff
5.6 stuff