Fan Fiction


Siff takes a job and things go catastrophically wrong.

In Glory & Gore

Featuring Rahlen Theirin, Hanin Lavellan, Athim, Fenlin, the next generation of heroes find themselves fighting for their lives in Tevinter, both in the gladiator ring and out of it.

Hearts on Ice

A Fluffy Romantic Series of two skaters falling in love.  Technically Dragon Age Fanfic, but second generation. Many thanks to Picchar for lending me Rahlen, and Niklisson for lending me Athim.

Entropic Horizons Remix

The remixed, streamlined, action & feels packed rewrite of the original Entropic Horizons.

Entropic Horizons

A retelling of Dragon Age Inquisition mashed up with people’s OC’s and thrown into a Space setting. People die in EH that don’t in DAI, and while some main events are similar they don’t necessarily go how they do within the game.


One-off short drabbles of fanfiction set in alternate timelines or universes. This is where the “What-IFs” live.