Cal Black has a short horror story published in the AnotherDimension Anthology (as ‘Alice Black’), and she was a Semi-Finalist in the Writers of the Future contest the year she entered. More recently she won a Watty award for her Fantasy Western ‘Hungry Skies’ and is now a Wattpad Star. She enjoys writing across genres and formats that vary from short fantasy stories to YA Adventure comic scripts.

No, Really. Who Are you? 

Hi, I like to write everything from Fantasy Westerns to Absurd Fashion Whodunits. I don’t stick to any particular genre, though I tend towards speculative stories overall. I have an official background in reporting, film studies and interactive multimedia design (ie: games, websites and apps). I think that’s why I like to explore how the format can serve the story, especially in interactive and visual mediums like games, interactive stories and comics.

Unofficially, I’ve been writing in one form or another as long as I can remember. Genres and formats change over the years, although I recognize I’ve always been interested in exploring characters’ personal growth and how they face unexpected challenges.

Non-Writing Stuff

Cosplay and costuming: Over the years I’ve blogged extensively about costuming and cosplay culture at CosplayCalamity.com, and have a rabid interest in garment construction. This counts as non-writing, I swear! I’m technically an International Costumer’s Guild (ICG) Master-level costumer. All that means is that I like making pretty stuff, and some other people said “Good Job”.

Games: I like figuring out how they’re put together and how the different pieces work to create the experience we get as players. I am that person who clicks every single dialogue option.

Contact me!

Use the form below or reach me at: calblackwriter (at) gmail.com